Digital Notes

Boost productivity with real-time sync, advanced search,collaboration, and top-notch security


Offline-first. Secure. Your data stays yours.

Offline Mode

Work seamlessly without internet.

Data Security

Keep your notes protected, even offline.

Zero-Knowledge Architecture

Only you can access your notes. Everything is processed locally on your device.


Experience lightning-fast performance.

Real-time Sync

Instantly update your notes across all devices.

Quick Search

Find what you need in an instant. No more digging around.

Snappy UI

Enjoy a smooth, responsive interface with zero lag.


Enhance teamwork with real-time collaboration.

Instant Updates

Stay in sync without refreshing. Everything updates instantly.

Concurrent Annotations

Comment and highlight in real-time with your team.

Conflict-Free Editing

Merge changes seamlessly without losing any data.


Discover insights and connections effortlessly.


Easily find related links within your notes.

Graph-Based Connections

Visualize how all your notes are interlinked.

Time Travel

Effortlessly navigate through previous versions of your notes.

One Place, Infinite Ideas

Organize all your notes in one spot.